Office of Marketing and Public Relations


The Marketing and Public Relations Office at San Juan College manages the College's marketing, public relations and communications efforts to ensure the College effectively communicates with both its internal and external stakeholders. The office serves two primary functions: to build and maintain a positive image of SJC among its various constituencies and to assist in maintaining and building student enrollment.

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We are located in room 4230 of the Educational Services Center. That's on the second floor of the building with the clocktower.


Our office can help you place display ads in the newspaper, as well as 30-second spots on radio and TV.

We'll work with you in drafting text for your ads -- radio or newspaper. For print ads, we'll design them and give you a chance to approve the final layout. For radio ads, we'll arrange for studio production or make sure the stations receive the script to record themselves.

We'll reserve the space/time, place the ads, deliver them to the newspapers or radio stations, and submit the paperwork required by the Business Office.

Please note that this job form will be emailed directly to the Office of Public Relations so we may begin work on it as soon as possible.

Print choices: Farmington Daily Times, Durango Herald, Gallup Independent, Navajo Times, Aztec Local News, Four Corners Business Journal.

Radio choices: adult contemporary, classic rock, country, Christian, Navajo speaking, Spanish speaking, oldies.

TV choices: KOBF NBC affiliate, KOAT ABC affiliate, KREZ CBS affiliate, Cable.


When you want your message to reach a specific population or when you want to promote a specific event or program, we can help. Please contact Rhonda Schaefer about help in developing a marketing plan, what's your goal, who you want to reach, how you will communicate with them and what you want to say, what you want them to do, what your timeline is, etc.

Printing and Publications Development

Departmental brochures are designed in a standard format to all look like they come from the same institution. Information included in departmental brochures includes philosophy, description of the basic program, listing of required courses, contact phone number, and 3-4 photos. We can help you put copy together, but we will rely on you to provide the "meat" of the narrative in the brochure. We can shoot photos for you or you can check our files for high quality, appropriate images. These brochures are printed in two colors -- black and another color, which you may choose -- so they are printed off campus. Cost for 1,000 is approximately $400 or less.

Recruitment brochures can be more elaborate and some people may want to produce color pieces. There are other options besides a four-color project, however, and we can help you brainstorm some ideas.

How to start the ball rolling
1. Fill out the request below:

This job form will be emailed directly to the Office of Public Relations so we may begin work on your project as soon as possible.

Communicator, Staff Notes and Weekly News Clips

Staff Notes is an internal publication so we are more apt to include "family" type news there. It is produced monthly. Please submit items to Rhonda Schaefer, ext. 3087 or

Communicator is an external newsletter with 20,000+ distribution and is inserted into the Farmington Daily Times. News included must appeal to the general public and should be focused on the future -- upcoming events, new programs, etc. -- instead of recaps of past news. Deadline is the 10th of the month prior to distribution. Communicator is produced semi-monthly with issues in January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October and November/December. If you would like to submit news, e-mail

Weekly News Clips is a weekly e-mail newsletter that is designed to keep employees updated on the various news on campus job openings, events, new employees, construction updates, strategic planning and other timely topics. Clips is sent out every Friday morning via e-mail. If you would like to submit news, e-mail

Business Cards and Letterhead

The College adheres to a standard format for letterhead and business cards, but if you are located off campus or can make a case for altering the standard, we will include the name of your department/division on the letterhead and your unique mailing address, if appropriate.

This job form will be emailed directly to the Office of Public Relations so we may begin work on your project as soon as possible.

Click here to submit a Business Card Request.

For business cards, include the following information:

  1. Name as you want it to appear on the card, including suffixes (Ph.D., Ed.D., C-NP, CFRE, etc.)
  2. Official title. Please don't make up a title or what you want to be called; we must be consistent in using only your official College title, and we do check these things.
  3. Your phone number, which is 566-3 + your extension.
  4. Address, if you would like to receive mail other than at the College address.
  5. E-mail address, which is assigned by Office of Technology Services.
  6. Fax number if you have your own fax. Otherwise, use the College's fax number of 566-3385.

Cost for 1,000 business cards is about $68, 500 for $45, and 250 for $35.

If you just need a supply of the standard letterhead and envelopes, you may purchase those in the Bookstore. Cost is $30.20 for a ream (500) of letterhead, $60.95 for a ream of matching envelopes. Half sheets of stationary can be purchased for $21.12 for 250 sheets, half sheet envelopes are $56.82 for 250.

Media Relations and Publicity

News releases

We have developed good relationships with the media in the area, so they usually run the news releases we send and often develop them into more extensive feature stories. But the rule of thumb is there is no guarantee. And we cannot tell them when or where to run the story. For that kind of control, you'll need to pay for advertising.

Please give us advance notice of an event so we can plan the publicity accordingly.

This job form will be emailed directly to the Office of Public Relations so we may begin work on your project as soon as possible.

Publicizing events or programs

Submit your request and a draft of the text as soon as you know the date of your event, or 2-3 weeks prior to the event. This gives us time to send out a news release at least a week ahead of time. Some publications (Four Corners Business Journal, New Mexico Magazine) require more lead time, so send us the information as soon as you can. (New Mexico Magazine requires 3 1/2 months lead time to be included in its "Sundial" calendar listing.)

We'll edit your text and put it in the appropriate format for our local media:

  • Farmington Daily Times (publishes daily)
  • Aztec Local News (publishes twice a month on the 1st and 15th)
  • Thrifty Nickel (publishes weekly on Thursdays)
  • Four Corners Business Journal (publishes twice a month)
  • Durango Herald (publishes daily)
  • Navajo Times (publishes weekly on Thursdays)
  • New Mexico Business Weekly (business tabloid out of Albuquerque)
  • New Mexico Magazine (publishes monthly)
  • KOBF-Channel 4 (NBC affiliate, with local station KOBF, channel 12)
  • KREZ-Channel 13 (CBS affiliate)
  • KOAT-Channel 7 (ABC affiliate)
  • KWYK 94.9 FM (adult contemporary)
  • KIQX 101.3 FM (adult contemporary)
  • KAZX 102.9/107.7 FM (adult contemporary)
  • KPTE 99.7 FM (adult contemporary)
  • KISZ 97.9 FM (country)
  • KTRA 102 FM (country)
  • KKFG 104.5 FM (oldies)
  • KRWN 92.9 FM (classic rock)
  • KDAG 96.9 FM (classic rock)
  • KSUT 89.5 FM (National Public Radio)
  • KSJE 90.9 FM (SJC radio station, classical, jazz)
  • KNMI 88.9 FM (Christian)
  • KPCL 95.7 FM (Christian)
  • KENN 1390 AM (talk radio)
  • KCQL 1340 AM (oldies)
  • KTNN 660 AM (Navajo speaking, Window Rock, AZ)
  • KNDN 960 AM (Navajo radio)
  • KRZE 1280 AM (Spanish)

And, as appropriate, to:

  • Albuquerque Journal
  • Santa Fe New Mexican
  • Cortez Sentinel
  • Dove Creek Press
  • Gallup Independent
  • Pine River Times (Bayfield, CO)
  • Navajo-Hopi Observer (Flagstaff, AZ)
  • Tse Bit Ai Community News (Shiprock)
  • Pagosa Springs Sun
  • Southern Ute Drum (Ignacio, CO)
  • Mancos Times-Tribune
  • Dolores Star
  • Silverton Standard


The Public Relations Office is available to take photographs of your event or program. If you require professional photography for a special brochure or event, we can arrange that for you as well. You will be responsible for paying for the services of a professional photographer, which runs about $50 an hour. We are free, however.

If you want to use a photograph to illustrate a printed brochure or promotional piece, we have an extensive collection of slides and digital photos.

If we don't have what you want, we can arrange to have a special photograph taken.

This job form will be emailed directly to the Office of Public Relations so we may begin work on your project as soon as possible.

Tabletop Display

Tabletop DisplayPlease complete the form below to reserve the tabletop display as soon as you know when you will need it. We keep a calendar and sometimes book several months in advance.

If you are unfamiliar with how to set up the display, we will demonstrate that for you in the office prior to the time you will need the display.

Photographs are available for use with the display. They are mounted on foamcore and have Velcro stickers on the back so they will stick to the display. We also have a variety of promotional material you can take with you to distribute.

SJC Logos

If you need a logo that includes your department name, these can be requested from Public Relations by emailing

Click here to download SJC Logos