Grade Appeal

Students who believe they have received a grade in error should informally meet with the instructor or department head to determine if an error has occurred. If the instructor has erred in submitting the grade, the instructor will correct the grade with the Records Office. If the error occurred due to a clerical error in the Records Office, the instructor should request the grade be corrected.

If discussions with the instructor or department head do not resolve the issue, the student may make a formal appeal. The student must begin the formal appeal within 15 business days of the last day of the term.

Note: Appeals are not heard for grades resulting from failure to withdraw, nor are appeals heard in order to regrade assignments or change grades on an exam.

Please refer to the Policies section of the San Juan College Academic Catalog for more details regarding the steps and deadlines of the Grade Appeal Procedure.

Helpful Documents

Grade Appeal Application - Unofficial

A sample copy of the Formal Application for Grade Appeal.  The official form, available at the Office of the Vice President for Learning, will be logged and dated when it is picked up by the student.

Grade Appeal Letter Template for Student

As part of the formal Grade Appeal process, students will be required to include a letter clearly stating the basis for their appeal. This template is intended to help the student compose their letter, but it is not the only acceptable format. Students may utilize any letter style they wish.