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The energy industry in New Mexico and the U.S. is rapidly evolving. Get started in this exciting field or advance the career you already have with one of the many professional degree and certificate programs offered at San Juan College. The School of Energy also offers CDL training and degrees in Solar Energy and Occupational Safety.

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If you're interested in becoming a truck driver or entering the transportation industry, you'll need a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). At San Juan College, you'll get hands-on driving practice on our training course and on the highway. You'll also learn how to operate a forklift, install tire chains on a large truck, adjust air brakes and participate in live fire extinguisher training. You can be ready to take the New Mexico CDL exam in just 8 weeks!
Lease Operators are key players in the rapidly growing oil and gas industry. You'll be the one responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting, and operating wells. At San Juan College, students get hands-on training on the machinery and surface equipment used in the field. Our yard has a complete well site including a pumping unit, separator, compressor skid, dehydration unit, and meter run.
Do you like to work on machinery? Do you have good problem-solving abilities? Can you understand technical manuals? Keeping machines in good working order is the primary responsibility of an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, also called industrial machinery mechanics or maintenance machinists. At San Juan College you'll get hands-on experience in pump alignment, fabrication, hydraulics, vibration analysis, measurement tools, piping systems, lubrication, mechanical drives, and welding.
As a Process Operator, you'll have the opportunity to work in a highly-paid job for a variety of industries that produce electricity, commodity gases (natural gas, propane, butane), gasoline, diesel fuel, industrial chemicals, plastics, ultra pure water, and pharmaceuticals. Many of our graduates go on to work at local power plants and gas processing facilities.
Earn a Certificate in Natural Gas Compression and be on your way to a promising career! In two semesters, you'll learn the mechanical and technical aspects of compression technology, specifically related to the natural gas industry.
Get a degree in Occupational Safety! It's an amazing career that pays well and lets you work just about anywhere. From factories to hospitals, construction sites to corporate settings. Your job as a safety professional is to help employers create a safe and healthy environment for their workers, and comply with federal, state, and local safety codes. You'll recommend safety protocols, training programs, perform inspections, and ensure that safety measures are enforced. And you'll probably get to travel. What a great job!
Meet your workforce training needs with our 1-day courses. These 23 oil and gas industry training courses are designed for anyone currently employed in the industry who wants to acquire knowledge and improve skills.
San Juan College offers the certification you need for your job, whether you're a driller on the rig or an engineer in the office. This program is fully accredited by IADC Wellcap.


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