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Are you a science-minded individual interested in discovering how things work? Would you like to invent the next nanotechnology or Apple computer? Then explore a career in science, math, or engineering here at San Juan College.

Did you know that we have the largest herbarium in the Four Corners region with about 50,000 specimans?

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Do you look up at the night sky and wonder, "Are any of those stars actually planets? What keeps them burning? How far away are they?" Or perhaps you're the scientific type who wants to know the psychics and formulas of the universe. Our Astronomy courses offer all of that! Come explore the cosmos at San Juan College. Get a solid foundation in astronomical basics, learn about constellation mythology, or take the "Trekkie" deep space course. On clear nights, you'll learn how to use a telescope to observe planets, nebulae, star clusters, and other objects.
Why get a Biology degree? If you're interested in a career in microbiology, botany, ecology, forensic science, genetics, environmental studies, physiology, plant pathology, or entomology (or any other career that studies living things), then you'll need a foundation in biology. At San Juan College, we offer an AS degree with a biology concentration for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution. Many of our courses include field trips and studies on the Four Corners region.
Why do leaves change color? Why is a diamond hard? Can your hair turn white from fright? Do green lifesavers really make a spark? The answers to these and many other questions are answered through chemistry. It's an incredibly fascinating field of study that helps us understand the physical universe we live in. With a degree in Chemistry you could be a chemist specializing in pharmaceuticals, preservatives, or fragrances. You could become an environmental scientist or a chemical engineer, or you could use your degree for a career in nuclear medicine, toxicology, art conservation, or forensic science.
At San Juan College, we offer an AS degree with a chemistry concentration for students. It's primarily for transfer students who will go on to pursue a Bachelors or advanced degree, but many of our graduates find employment in the Rocky Mountain region as Chemical Technicians.
Do you think it would be fun to design and develop new products and services? Do you enjoy science, math and technology, and learning how things work? If you're wired with that special combination of intellect and creativity, then consider getting a degree in engineering. It's a satisfying career where you can make a difference in this world. And your earnings potential is high! With a four-year degree, there's software engineering, electrical engineering, mining engineering, and petroleum engineering just to name a few.
San Juan College offers an AS degree program that prepares you to transfer directly into a mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, environmental, or aerospace program at a four-year institution.
Do you enjoy science and math and know you want to pursue a science-related career, but you just don't know exactly what that is yet? Then general science may be the right major for you. It's designed to provide you with a broad education, and help you develop science and laboratory skills that relate to a wide variety of topics, ideas, and experiences. And it's flexible! Allowing you to tailor the degree to meet your specific career goals. You can take classes in chemistry, biology, botany, zoology, geology, and physics...perfect for exploring science - even just for its own sake. You can apply your knowledge of science to careers in education, technology, medicine, or research.
Do you pick up rocks hoping to find a fossilized leaf or shell? Do you like to spend your free time exploring caves and canyons? Then you might want to consider getting a degree in geology. Depending on what area interests you the most, you could become a mineralogist, petroleum geologist, geochemist, paleontologist, or oceanographer. Geology majors also work in engineering and management for the oil & gas, and mining industries.
At San Juan College, we offer an AS degree with a geology concentration for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution. Many of our courses include field trips and studies on the Four Corners region.
Do you enjoy gardening? Are you captivated by beautiful landscapes? The horticulture degree program at San Juan College blends science and hands-on skills. You'll learn landscape architecture and construction, conservation techniques, horticulture techniques, and how to diagnose plant disorders. We have a separate program that focuses on xeric, or arid, environments. Graduates may seek employment as architectural apprentices, landscape design technicians, nursery manager, or work with government and private industry.
Did you know that San Juan College has the largest Herbarium in the Four Corners region, with about 50,000 specimens? We also have an Atrium and Plant Room in our West Complex building, housing tropical and sub-tropical species. Come be a part of the important botanical studies that are happening at San Juan College!
Do you have excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills? Do you like numbers? Formulas? Word problems? Have you considered majoring in mathematics? Just about any career that is technical in nature requires some expertise in math. It's great preparation for engineering, law, or medicine, and there are employment opportunities such as an actuary, or in statistics, education, and health sciences. Government agencies like NASA, National Security Agency, and the Department of Agriculture hire graduates of advanced programs who are skilled in applied mathematics.
At San Juan College, complete the first two years of your degree in a small classroom setting where you'll receive individualized attention from the instructors. After you've completed your AS degree, you can transfer as a Junior into any four-year institution.
Physics is cool! Did you know that physicists were asked to help with the placement of the new Yankee Stadium to see how wind patterns would affect the flight of the baseball? If you like quarks and quasars, calculus and quantum mechanics, and think that mathematical equations are a challenge and never a chore�physics is the major for you.
A physics degree at San Juan College will provide you with the foundation you need to continue your studies, in areas such as astrophysics, energy exploration, teaching, engineering, or science journalism. You'll also learn how to think logically and methodically - essential skills for any career.
So you want to be a Doctor? The first step is to complete your pre-med coursework. The San Juan College Pre-Medical Sciences program is designed to provide you with the basic competencies, knowledge, and skills in anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and physics that are required to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program. Our classes are smaller than at a large institution so you'll receive the individualized attention you need to successfully complete this challenging program.

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