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Do you want to develop a variety of skills that can be applied across a multitude of career paths? Do you value intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal relationships? Then check out the degree programs in the School of Humanities. Experience our innovative, student-centered instruction and environment of active learning.

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Are you thinking about a career change? Have you always dreamed about teaching children, but life's twists and turns took you elsewhere? It's never too late to start making an impact on children's lives. In New Mexico, if you already have a bachelor's degree, you can pursue the licensure you need to start teaching elementary children. Check out the requirements for alternative licensure at San Juan College. We have an intensive, alternative program that is especially designed for adults who are passionate about becoming a teacher. Most classes are held on Saturdays. You'll receive the knowledge and preparation you need to successfully pass the New Mexico Teacher Assessment exam.
Are you adventurous and analytical? Would you be interested in examining ancient artifacts and civilizations, studying different cultures and exploring human languages, music, and art, then an Anthropology major could be ideal for you.
San Juan College will get you started. We offer fascinating courses in the Navajo culture, new world prehistory, religion, and archaeology. You'll learn invaluable skills in data collecting that are of interest to many employers, from social service organizations to multinational corporation. And if you'd like to contribute to research on the Anasazi culture in the Totah area, contact us about becoming a participant in our 6-week Totah Archaeological Project Field School.
Do you lose track of time doodling? painting? designing clothes? Have you been told that you're talented? smart? gifted? Refine and expand your natural abilities with an Art degree at San Juan College. It's a fun, skill-expanding, educational experience. We have a variety of courses art history, ceramics, drawing, design, painting, sculpture, and photography. While increasing your knowledge of the visual world, you'll improve how you express yourself and learn how to approach artistic challenges in new ways. Our art department offers a vibrant and engaging program with small classes and hands-on experience.
Do you keep a journal? Do you like to weave stories for friends & family? Maybe you've already started your first novel. If you want to pursue a life in writing, our Creative Writing certificate program guides you through a sequence of courses that will help you define, expand, and refine your writing skills. Although the core focus of this program is on the craft of writing with mastery in the genres of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, you'll be exposed to the works of great authors - both classic and contemporary - to inspire your creative writing. Most of these classes are also offered online so you can earn this certificate while you're writing from a cabin or coffee shop!
If you love children and want to be a part of shaping their future starting with children at a young age, you should become a preschool teacher. It's a rewarding career, where you can dramatically influence children, and help them develop new knowledge and skills. The Early Childhood Education (birth through grade 3) program at San Juan College prepares you to care for and educate young children in nursery schools, day care centers, and nonprofit programs. Our AA degree program is intended for students who plan to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate granting institution in Early Childhood Education. With the certificate program, you can get a job as a teaching assistant, child care provider, or family day care provider in just 2 semesters!
Do you enjoy reading? Do you keep a journal, or write poetry or short stories? Then you might be interested in studying English. San Juan College offers an AA in Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in English. You'll develop effective communication and critical thinking skills. And English graduates are able to find jobs in any number of fields. Pursue a career as a writer, publicist, copywriter, editor, or researcher. With more education, you might even find yourself teaching English as a second language - in Japan!
Do you like learning about the past? Could you spend hours examining old photos, faded diaries, and antiques? Do you think that lessons from the past apply to today? Then become a History major. At San Juan College, we offer a History concentration within our Liberal Arts program that starts you off studying a core set of historical periods. With your AA, you can transfer to a four-year institution to complete your Bachelor's degree. Did you know that history majors learn a variety of transferable skills, from gathering, investigating, and assessing material to effectively expressing ideas clearly and concisely? Career paths include law, business, publishing, journalism, teaching, politics, broadcast media, and museums.
Are you passionate about justice? Do you want to help people in need - finding homes for children or job opportunities for the unemployed? Then consider a Human Services degree. San Juan College offers AA and AAS degree career tracks in Criminal Justice, Generalist, and Substance Abuse. The Criminal Justice program prepares you for law enforcement, security management, corrections, court administration, or crime prevention. The Generalist program is for students who want to focus on social work and counseling. With a Substance Abuse degree, you're trained for alcohol and drug abuse counseling.
The Associate of Arts degree is intended for transfer to a four-year baccalaureate granting institution. Those wishing to transfer to a baccalaureate granting institution and pursue a degree program in Liberal Arts are strongly encouraged to check with their advisor and carefully coordinate their coursework at San Juan College with the requirements of the transfer institution.
Would you like to be a corporate translator? Does the intrigue of working for the FBI or CIA sound exciting? Or would you like to work at a nonprofit agency helping to translate for people in our area or beyond who don't speak English? If you have a knack for foreign languages then you should enroll in our Liberal Arts degree program with a concentration in Modern Languages. Languages include Navajo, Spanish, and a foundation in German. This is an exciting field of study with global career opportunities!
Are you a great singer? Have you been playing guitar or piano since you were a kid? If you're naturally talented you might wonder why you need a music degree. Whether your dream is to perform in a band, join an orchestra, mix music in a studio, or be the next Will.I.Am, get grounded in the theory and foundations of music. Strengthen your abilities and develop skills that will open up more opportunities for you in the music business. You might want to improve your singing, learn how to read music, advance your instrumentation skills, participate in group performances, or learn the latest techniques in audio amplification and digital audio recording. Whatever you need to learn, you can find it here at San Juan College in our music concentration within the Liberal Arts degree program.
Major in Native Studies and learn about Politics, Native Authors, Art, Culture, Contemporary and Historical Native Societies.
This degree program prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree.
"I think, therefore I am." Do you have the ability to look at different perspectives with an open mind? Do you like interesting people who wrestle with complex issues? Then you might want to consider a liberal arts degree with a concentration in philosophy. You'd be in good company. Bill Clinton studied philosophy. So did Rudy Giuliani, Alex Trebek, and Steve Martin, along with other famous business people, filmmakers, religious leaders, and Nobel Laureates. Philosophy majors learn invaluable skills in critical thinking, research, writing, speaking, problem-solving, global understanding, and adaptability to any situation. Exactly what employers are looking for!
Your AA degree at San Juan College will prepare you to transfer to four-year baccalaureate institutions.
If you could view the world with a camera lens permanently attached, would you? Are you the designated photographer at family get-togethers? Have you uploaded more Facebook photos than anyone else you know? Then pursue a career in photography! San Juan College offers photography courses that will help refine your skills and take you to the next level. Our digital photography course teaches you how to edit and enhance images with Photoshop. Related courses in our digital media program could expand you skills even further.
Are you passionate about politics? Do you read the news regularly and form opinions on local, national, and international government? If you want to turn your passion for public policies into a career, pursue a major in Political Science. At San Juan College we offer an AA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Political Science. You'll explore current and historical political issues, critically examine ideas such as justice, democracy, and freedom, and evaluate diverse political regimes. Tell your friends to get ready for more political sparring!
Do your friends often come to you for advice? Are you a good listener? Compassionate? Patient? Are you fascinated by human behavior and wonder why people think the way they do? Then you might be interested in studying psychology at San Juan College. Coursework includes the study of behavior, human development, personality development, cognition, and emotions. It's a fascinating program that prepares you to transfer to a 4-year program. A psychology major is useful in a variety of jobs from social work to marketing. With advanced training you can pursue a rewarding career as a counselor or psychologist, specializing in areas such as developmental, forensic, sports, experimental, or educational psychology. Ask us about the local option for completing your four-year degree in psychology or human services.
Are you a people watcher? Maybe you don't like crowds, but you're fascinated by what other people are doing. Sociology is the study of people and how they interact with one another, so sociology majors usually end up in people-focused careers like social work, counseling, or career development. But you could also become a United Nations under-secretary for humanitarian affairs like Lady Amos, a chart-topping singer-songwriter like James Blunt, or a comedian-actor like Robin Williams just a few of the famous people who have majored in sociology. Having an understanding of human relationships can help you in a variety of careers! Get on your way at San Juan College by getting your AA Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Sociology.
Do you have a special teacher that you'll always remember? If you had to pick the "person you admire most," would it be one of your teachers? Chances are it's because that teacher made a big impact on you. There's no career more important than teaching. You can change the lives of children for the better every day. But what age group should you teach? If you're a natural with the little guys, then consider being an elementary education teacher, teaching children from ages 4 to 10. If you like the spunk of middle schoolers or have a particular talent that you want to share, you might want to get a degree in secondary education.
Complete your AA degree at San Juan College. You can transfer seamlessly to a bachelor's education program at another four-year institution, or finish your bachelor's right here! The University of New Mexico and New Mexico Highlands University offer evening and weekend classes on our campus.
"And....ACTION!" Would you love to write, produce, and direct your own play? Or have a working knowledge of the theatre, lighting, and scenery that will help improve your chances of winning those theatre tech or directing assistant positions? San Juan College has a very unique Technical Theatre program. It's offered as an emphasis in the AA Liberal Arts or on its own as an AAS degree. We have an 800-seat Performance Hall, a 20- seat Little Theatre, and a 60-seat Black Box Theatre. Each year students work backstage and perform in three major productions. You'll also mentor high school theatre students in an annual theatre festival.

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