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Department of Public Safety

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the San Juan College Department Of Public Safety is to maintain a safe and orderly atmosphere for students, faculty, staff and guest to aid in promoting the ideals of the learning college.

Department Vision Statement

The San Juan College Department of Public Safety will be the leader in innovation of new ideas and implementation of technology to set the standard for other College Public Safety Departments in the nation.

San Juan College Annual Security Report

Department Administration


Kelly Anderson, Director

Office (505) 566-3050

Mobile (505) 609-4003



Darren Wayman, Assistant Director

Office (505) 566-3775

Mobile (505) 592-1043


Martos Giebitz, Security Supervisor

Office (505) 566-3191

Mobile (505) 330-1331




Remember-In case of an emergency call 911 first and then Public Safety

  • Safety Tip of the Month: Keep your property with you at all times.  A thief only needs a moment..
  • San Juan College Department of Public Safety is not a police force. If you have an emergency, please call 911, then call #3333 to notify our officers of the problem and they will respond.
  • Staff or faculty must call 566-3333 to notify the Department of Public Safety when they are coming on campus during off-campus hours. They should also call again when they are leaving campus.

Contact Information:

  • To report an emergency, dial 3333 from any campus telephone.
  • Call 215-3091 for 24 hour on-call service.
  • Office number: 566-3263.